About Travelling with dogs

On the beach at Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Nova Scotia.

This blog aims to help dog owners navigate the often uncertain world of taking trips with  canine companions. Whether it’s a one day hike or a week-long journey across the country the idea is to share here what I have learned on the road with my dogs. The advice is related to domestic travel only.

The blog will aim to provide:

• Helpful reviews of dog-friendly places to visit and stay.

• Tips for travelling with dogs in all seasons.

• Information on tools and gear that can make life easier on the road when travelling with dogs.

• Provide links to places where we have had success and to sources of information when planning longer trips.

Jennifer Brown lives in the Greater Toronto Area with her husband and their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Willow (Onepenny’s Bonnie Willow), Angel (Caliber’s  Angioletto) and recently added Autumn, also a NSDTR who was introduced to us via Toller Rescue.

Jennifer is an editor and writer who enjoys travelling with her dogs. It’s not always easy but it can be fun to explore all the places dogs are welcome.


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Exploring the opportunities when taking trips with your dogs