Jennifer Brown

My background is in journalism and storytelling. I love talking to people about what they do, what gets them excited about their work and how they mentor and coach others to collaborate for success.

I am a communications professional with extensive experience creating engaging online and print content for a variety of B2B and consumer audiences. For more than seven years, I wrote about corporate law for Thomson Reuters focusing on large and mid-size company legal departments and the evolution of legal technology.

I have also written about and interviewed leaders in the enterprise technology, health care, education and cannabis sectors.

My expertise is in taking complex subject matter and translating it into easily understood content. I also have experience developing social media content across a variety of platforms to boost audience engagement.

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My work

Legal Marketing

Practising law in the COVID-19 era
Almost overnight, a global pandemic prompted courts across Canada to shutter and law firms to empty, forcing many in the legal profession to change the way they practise law.

A picture’s worth: The return on investment in professional Professional photographers share their top tips on how to capture your best self (spoiler alert: it’s not a selfie)

Why you should be building your network and brand on Twitter
In the day-to-day running of your law practice, it may seem like you don’t have time to stop and take in what’s happening on social media. Do you view Twitter and LinkedIn as a rabbit hole you’d rather avoid?


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