Jennifer Brown

My background is in journalism and storytelling. I love talking to people about what they do, what gets them excited about their work and how they create successful businesses.

I have extensive experience creating engaging  content for a variety of B2B and consumer audiences. My published work can be found at Canadian Lawyer In-HouseCBA National, The Canadian Legal Innovation ForumCourseCompare and Grow Opportunity Magazine. For more than seven years, I wrote about corporate law for Thomson Reuters, focusing on large and mid-size company legal departments and the evolution of legal technology.

My expertise is in taking complicated subject matter and distilling it into high-quality, thoroughly researched articles. In addition to writing about the legal sector, I have covered the health care, education, technology and cannabis sectors. I also have experience creating copy for landing pages, email marketing and social media.

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My work

Higher Education

Project-focused data science bootcamps speed time to employment Companies are turning to data to solve business problems and need people who can give meaning to the numbers. (

How to find online learning that is engaging and delivers results Some learning institutions were better prepared than others to pivot online. (

Post-secondary schools brace for impact of COVID-19 second wave As international students stay away, Canadian schools prepare to continue online education. (


Virtual production ready for its moment in the spotlight The pandemic has spurred technology adoption across many sectors, including the film industry. (


Is it time for a KM playbook at your law firm? With lawyers working remotely, big firms discover their knowledge management departments are foster collaboration like never before.  Canadian Legal Innovation Forum.

How are law firms innovating in a disruptive era? The future of law: More tech, yes, but more collaboration first. (Canadian Legal Innovation Forum)

Getting up to speed with digital marketing With an agile approach, a law firm can adjust and optimize its campaigns. (CBA National)

Office life after the pandemic We are likely to see a lot more flexibility and less office space. (CBA National)

Law firms adopting AI The pandemic has fast-tracked the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in a number of industries, and law appears to be no exception. (CBA National)

What’s the plan of a cyberattack hits your firm? Law firms are vulnerable to ransomware threats but few are prepared to react should an incident occur.  Experts offer advice on how to combat the problem. (Lawyer’s Daily)

Practising law in the COVID-19 era Almost overnight, a global pandemic prompted courts across Canada to shutter and law firms to empty, forcing many in the legal profession to change the way they practise law.

A picture’s worth: The return on investment in professional Professional photographers share their top tips on how to capture your best self (spoiler alert: it’s not a selfie)

Why you should be building your network and brand on Twitter
In the day-to-day running of your law practice, it may seem like you don’t have time to stop and take in what’s happening on social media. Do you view Twitter and LinkedIn as a rabbit hole you’d rather avoid?

Taking control of workflow: Resolver In-house team develops new app to handle matter requests (Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute)

Siemens Canada teams with a law firm to test-drive AI (Thomson Reuters Forum Magazine)

Canadian GCs form innovative paths (Thomson Reuters Forum Magazine)

Legal Ops takes the lead — BMO legal’s new COO sees a big opportunity for legal operations professionals (Thomson Reuters Forum Magazine)

Canadian In-house Spotlight: Litigation transforming in-house legal departments (Thomson Reuters Forum Magazine)


Thinking outside the box Licensed producers turning to alternative materials and recycling programs to clean up the industry’s reputation. (Grow Opportunity Magazine)

Perfect storm Market influences, global pandemic are forcing changes in the cannabis industry. (Grow Opportunity Magazine)

Unhampered hemp Is Canada’s hemp moment just on the horizon? (Grow Opportunity Magazine)

Extraction Point: Market opportunities for Cannabis 2.0 and overcoming challenges ahead. (Grow Opportunity Magazine)

Providing clarity in the cannabis sector (Canadian Lawyer InHouse )

Managing growth and change in-house (Canadian Lawyer InHouse)



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